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VOIP Phone Features and Benefits

Phone Numbers, Toll Free Numbers and Vanity Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Yoji provides all variations of toll free numbers including 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855 making it easier for customers to contact you

Local Numbers

Just choose an area code and Yoji will provide a list of available numbers to choose from. Want more customization in the phone number? Try Yoji’s vanity numbers

Vanity Numbers

Want a customized phone number that’s easy to remember and provides a great impact? Yoji can find a memorable one for you

Directory Listings

Directory listings boost a company’s local presence, providing additional details on a company’s products and services

VoIP System Features

Hosted or On Premise PBX Service

Whether you choose the hosted or on premise PBX option, Yoji fully owns and manages the PBX system hardware, reducing upfront capital expenditures and maintenance/support services

HD voice

Yoji provides high definition (HD) voice quality to all its customers using Yoji recommended devices and endpoints

On-Hold Messaging or Music

Utilize Yoji’s standard on-hold music or recordings, or create customized messaging or music options


Extensions can be customized for specific call routing func-tionality — incoming calls can be identified and routed to one, or groups of extensions

Dial-by-name directory

Yoji provides a dial-by-name directory on all of its plans. The directory allows callers to find and route to specific people and departments easily

Call Monitoring

With the Call Barge feature, supervisors may listen in on employee calls for quality and training purposes

Follow Me

The Follow Me functionality allows calls to be intelligently routed to any phone or device, at any time

Caller ID

Traditional and custom Caller ID features allows in-coming caller identification whenever possible


Voice message recordings can be automatically sent as attachments to any directed email account - listen from anywhere, anytime


An auto-receptionist allows callers to hear announcements and be routed to the proper department or person

Multi-Level IVR

Yoji has specialists on staff to assist with the creation of a complex, multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system – this feature automates call routing using interactive touch tones from the phone’s keypad

Call Recording

Yoji’s VoIP System allows for inbound and outbound call recording. Recordings may be played back or downloaded anytime

Call Reports

Inbound and outbound calls are documented and reported in monthly call reports

Conference Calls

Yoji provides conference call rooms for up to 20 people. Yoji is able to customize the rooms to fit specific business needs

Enhanced 9-1-1

E911 (Enhanced 911) is support for wireless phone users who dial 911, the standard number for requesting help in an emergency.

Phone Features & Management

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to another person or department, or to your mobile phone or alternate land line

Call Parking

Park and retrieve calls from any extension – great for switching desks and maintaining the same call

Intercom and Paging

Contact another extension using the intercom to talk through the speakerphone, or make an announcement to multiple phones using the paging feature

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