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Unlimited VOIP Phone Packages. Are You Really Saving Money?

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These days, it seems all VoIP companies are leaning towards unlimited calling packages.  They are following the model set by cellular companies.  In the not so distant past, cellular comanies offered set minute packages, allowing the customer to choose only what they needed at an affordable price (relatively speaking).  However, the overage charges became the unknown, and if customers would go over their allotted minutes, the bill could become astronomical.  As cellular companies offered unlimited packages, it became the popular choice.  It took away the unknown.

VoIP companies followed suit.  For small companies, it was easy on their pocketbook to know exactly what they will be paying without having to worry about how many minutes they use.  Whether they used 100 minutes or 100,000 minutes, the price was the same.  Again, it is an easy way to get rid of the unknown and have a set expense.

These days, the need for office phones are less than what it was 10, or even 5, years ago.  Everyone carries a cell phone and use it for most of their day-to-day calling.  It is convenient by not tethering a person to their desk.  Most important calls come to the individual’s cell phone.  The desk phone is convenient for keeping unimportant calls going to a different location or keeping a company presence.

So why pay for unlimited calling for desk phones?  It’s understandable for cell phones, but as the volume of calls to the office becoming less and less, there is no need to overpay.  Yes, it takes away the unknown of overage charges.  Yes, the cost is still less than what the old phone system cost.  And yes, it seems that is what everyone is offering.

We at Yoji never followed that ‘unlimited’ model.  Again, why overpay for something that is being used less and less everyday?  We give our customers a choice based on what they need.   We have various minute tiers that follow the average call volume based on the number of phones.  How about the unknown of overage charges?  Well, we start our customers on the average volume tier and then move them to the appropriate tier, as we see the numbers over a three month span.  We If there is an overage, we either move the customer up to the next tier the following month if it makes sense or leave them on the current tier if we see it as an anomaly.   We charge overage only if the customer demands to stay in the current tier, but goes over the minute package on a consistent basis.

Does the cost saving warrant the change?  Of course it does.  Look at the numbers.  Call us today and find out how much you can save.

Steve Choy, President – Yoji


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